Can Nutmeg be poisonous??

Here is an article title you don’t read everyday – Nutmeg Overdose Blamed for Swedish Man’s Spitting Attack. What the what?

Yes. You read that right. And what’s more – it could happen! Nutmeg is such a common spice that few people realize it contains myristicin, a natural compound that has mind-altering effects if ingested in large doses that can land you in the hospital.

While some people report a kind of out of body experience from ingesting too much nutmeg – more often the symptoms are nausea, dizziness, extreme dry mouth, and a lingering slowdown of normal brain function. According to a New York Times article called “A Warning on Nutmeg”, it is like a two day hangover. Fun.

How much nutmeg is dangerous? While the actual amount varies from person to person, it is often stated that 2-3 tsp start a “nutmeg intoxication” with more than two tablespoons being potentially fatal. That is a whole lot of nutmeg – but a very good reason there should never be a Nutmeg Challenge. (Though there shouldn’t be a Cinnamon Challenge either – but that’s another blog post).

The dangers of eating a massive amount of nutmeg has been known for ages.  According to Delish, as far as the 12th century, nutmeg has been used in waves as a drug, snorted, smoked, and eaten in large quantities to produce a hallucinogenic high. In that same NY Times article it spoke of using nutmeg for abortions and its ability to fight infection like the Black Plague.

Should you stop eating nutmeg? No. That’s not necessary. Most recipes call for a maximum of 1/4 tsp for the entire dish. And it’s a delicious and complex spice that also has several amazing health benefits (again, another post).

But please don’t eat an entire nutmeg in a sitting – no good will come from it.



A New Look For C&C Spice Blends!!

Spring is here and what better time for a new look?? Starting in May we are phasing out our old packaging and bringing in new rice paper, resealable bags! With the new bags come a new size – 59ml, which works out to approximately 1/4 cup of spice.

As always, all the spices from our shop and in our blends are ethically sourced. We support other small spice houses, local businesses and produced products. We look for fairly traded, organic, and wild grown ingredients.

Our blends are freshly ground and made lovingly by hand when you place your order. No mixes contain filler of any kind, and only the ingredients on the label. Every blend is gluten free, sulphite free and vegan.



Monthly Spice Sampler!


Yesterday I visited CTV Morning Live to promote our latest offering – a monthly spice subscription! Check out the footage here:

Each month, you’ll receive 3 hand-picked, small batch, freshly ground spice blends and spice samples. Along with 3 kitchen-tested, detailed recipes and ideas for each spice blend that are locally and seasonally influenced for your next globally inspired meal. Recipes are reposted here on our blog!

The best part of our spice subscription service?? You get to test drive some of our select new blends and spices BEFORE you are able to purchase them on our site.

First month of subscription starts this September and features our latest blend: Ice Cream Spices.

Ottawa just got spicier! Click here to order.



November Workshops

This November we’re gearing up for the holidays with 5 new mini workshops dedicated to homemade gifts using spices! Each workshop will demonstrate two gifts and have a third that you get to make and bring home with you.

These 30 minute classes will take place every Wednesday night (starting at 6 pm) and be repeated that Saturday (starting at 1 pm). Take a look at the classes below – click through for more information or feel free to contact us at

Limit of 15 people per session – tickets sell fast and are $8 per person. Save yourself the online registration fee and buy tickets in store. 4213129244_fe124d54e0_o

Photo via flickr user Leland Francisco

Workshop #1 –  Demonstrations: cinnamon honey butter and homemade chai tea spice blend. Make and take: Lavender sugar. For information on the Wednesday class is SOLD OUT ; Saturday class click here

Workshop #2 – Demonstrations: Mexican hot chocolate and African spice compound butter. Make and take: Vanilla bath salt. For information on the Wednesday class click here ; Saturday class click here

Workshop #3 – Demonstrations: bacon salt and chili oil. Make and take: Mulling Spice. For information on the Wednesday class is SOLD OUT ; Saturday class click here

Workshop #4 – Demonstrations: smoked paprika mustard and chili salt. Make and take: cinnamon sugar. For information on the Wednesday class is SOLD OUT ; Saturday class click here

Workshop #5 – Demonstrations: custom popcorn mix and pumpkin spice face scrub. Make and take: cider spice packet. For information on the Wednesday class click here ; Saturday class click here

Spice Workshops


The world of spice is HUGE! There is so much to learn, discover and explore about the flavours of the world. To help – we offer workshops. One hour classes that focus on a single topic from specific spices like mustard seed to dishes such as appetizers to types of cuisine.

If you can’t make one of our public events (they are currently sold out for August and September but stay tuned to hear the topics for October) you can always host a private one! Just get 4 friends/coworkers/neighbours/family to join you and we will run the workshop for your group.

Same price of $10 per person applies – minimum 5 participants, maximum 12 – for an hour of spice fun!

Contact to book your workshop